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About Kate  McFadzen

Owner/Lead Photographer

Primary Love Language: Physical Touch

Favorite food: Chocolate, especially mixed with peanut butter!

Favorite drink: Chai tea or craft beer! Gimme all the good brews. Bonus points for Belgian beers.

To say that this business I have built is a dream would be an understatement. I am an international wedding and portrait photographer based in Wisconsin, and this life has given me more amazing experiences than I could have ever imagined. My wedding couples are adventuresome brides and grooms who are yearning for a thoughtful, curated, and loving photography experience and desire to be cared for, heard, and understood. I work with relentlessly and deeply in love couples who are looking to make their wedding journey be the most blissful adventure they've taken thus far. My boudoir babes and couples walk away from their session empowered and fearless, having created images that reflect their most genuine selves with their awesome-meter turned up to eleven.

I believe photography is a preservation method, and that these preserved memories should be seen every day. As a photographer, I get to choose when to stop time and make a memory permanent. That's pretty amazing, if you ask me. I love authenticity–raw and honest emotions, natural and organic interactions, and true-to-life colors. My goal is to build a relationship with every single client, one that extends beyond the photographer-client roles. This philosophy and hands-on care produces high-end imagery that reflects your personalities, comfort, and trust. 

Kate McFadzen Photographer

My relationships with my parents are the most treasured interactions I have, and I owe them everything for helping to shape me into the person I am. My fiance, Andy, has given the words "true love" meaning in my life, beyond just seeing that love between my clients and in the movies I watch. He is my rock, my best friend, and the greatest life partner a girl could ask for.

I delight in being a foodie and craft beer snob; some of the best experiences I’ve had have been around the dinner table, sharing incredible food and drink with amazing people. Experiences are far more thrilling to me than material possessions. I’m the mom of two kitties, Penny and Callie, who keep my lap warm while I work on my laptop. Our pups, Bella and Mya, keep life exciting and full of joy, and remind us to get outside and stretch our legs with them. I am always planning the next great adventure that will take me around the world (next up: Texas, Tennessee, and eventually Alaska!), and I dream about places I have yet to explore. These travels and my education have shown me how beautiful our planet is, which has fueled my efforts to be more environmentally conscious. My life so far has been an amazing journey, and I am deeply appreciative to every person, place, and experience that has been a part of it.

I look forward to seeing how we can enhance each other’s lives,


Upcoming Travel Dates:

Bring us to you and your adventures! Traveling is our jam, when paired with our passion to photograph we have a match made in heaven!  For my upcoming travel schedule and information on booking an out of town photoshoot click the link below. 

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